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The DX UNTRACKED + service is the most economical way to send a shipment. This service offers priority delivery through international postal networks. You can send a shipment with the DX UNTRACKED + service worldwide. No tracking or proof of delivery is offered for this service.

Shipments sent with the DX UNTRACKED + service are identified by a unique number generated by the system of Direx S.A, but a status update is available only until the shipment is sent to the recipient's country (on the website of Direx S.A).

With the DX UNTRACKED + service you can send your small shipments weighing no more than 2 kg. to a recipient's address worldwide. Delivery is made according to the transit times described below.

The DX UNTRACKED + service is developed with a partner Deutsche Post. All shipments are transported by air and no dangerous goods can be sent.

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