You can send shipments after registering on our websit e direx.bg and have an approved account. You can start the registration here: direx.bg/registration
The offices where you can leave shipments are located at NPZ Iskar, bul. Iskarsko Shose 7, Sofia and Serdika Business Center on Acad. Ivan Ev. Geshov 102, building 5, Sofia.
Yes, you can request a courier by 12:30 if you wish to be visited on the same day. Courier requests are made from your account as a registered user. Upon request by 12:30, a courier will visit you at the address in the range 13:00 - 17:00 in the same day.
You can send your shipments through the courier company Econt, packing them in a grouped package (one bag, box). You can get a bill of lading from our website. You do not pay to Econt, we issue you an invoice with a symbolic amount for the service.
After registration, a dispatcher from the team will contact within 24 hours, and this applies to working days.
Our offices are closed on Saturdays, our working hours are only from Monday to Friday.
The preparation of the shipments includes the creation of bills of lading, their printing, sticking them on the already packed shipments, printing a manifesto.
You can contact us on 0700 20 373 or e-mail support@direx.bg and you will receive an answer within the working day from 9:00 to 18:00.
You can track your shipments on the partner's website, as well as on a universal tracking site, for example: https://t.17track.net
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