DX Country Track

The DX COUNTRY TRACK service offers an economical way to send a shipment accompanied by partial tracking. For the deliveries of shipments sent with this service, the signature of the recipient is not required and accordingly the tracking information does not include the status when and if the shipment was delivered.

The last scan (visible in the online tracking of the shipment) of shipments with DX COUNTRY TRACK service is when leaving the distribution center of our partner.

For certain destinations, a bonus scan (status) is offered when the shipment enters the country of delivery. A list of countries for which a bonus scan is offered is given in Appendix 2.

With the DX COUNTRY TRACK service you can send your small shipments weighing no more than 0.5 kg. to a recipient's address worldwide. Delivery is made according to the transit times indicated below.

DX COUNTRY TRACK offers an option to notify the recipient by e-mail or SMS. This option allows the recipient to be informed in a timely and effortless manner about the delivery status of his shipment.

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Annex 2 - Bonus scanning countries (online status) for the DX COUNTRY TRACK service


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